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2002 TJ OME Lift
1" Transfer Case Drop Install

by Steve Leslie

Installing the spacersThe finished t-case drop installThe t-case drop was a piece of cake…ok maybe not…but only because it was late and Dale and I were tired. As you can see from the pics, the install is pretty simple…support the skid plate with a floor jack and remove the six bolts that secure the pan to the frame. Then lower the jack until there is enough clearance to get the spacers between the frame and the plate, install the longer bolts with the tapered cone washers and tighten it all up to spec.


Since we had not gotten the new tires yet, the old wheels had to go on temporarily. Then Dale and I took it for a test drive and aside from the alignment and t-bars being off, there were no rode just fine. I then had it aligned and the t-bars dialed in the following Friday. Then I put the new tires on it that evening.

Here's a before, an interm and some after shots.

Before...Bone Stock

After the lift, with the old rims and tires
After lift...before rims and tiresAfter lift...before rims and tires

After the new wheels
OME lift, Crager 352's and GY MTR'sOME lift, Crager 352's and GY MTR's

OME lift, Crager 352's and GY MTR's

Front Springs, Shocks & Track Bar

Rear Springs, Shocks & Track Bar

JKS Quicker Disconnect Install

Component and Tools list


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